Licensing Authorities

As the gambling industry continues to grow and its popularity becoming more and more significant in the gambling world and among players, there are a lot of casinos popping on to the scene. These casinos come bearing gifts with as many playing incentives as possible and all the other exciting areas of the game are available to players when they choose to play at an online casino. However, as there are a lot of top and high standard online casinos to join, there is also a host of fraudulent, scam and substandard casinos that are available in the online gambling world. Read on to find out more or you can simply go online to find out more at

The UK Gambling Commission

With the growing rate of fraudulent casinos, players advised that before they proceed to join any casino online it must be licensed by proper authority. One of the major licensing authorities that you can trust, especially if you are around the UK region is the UK Gambling Commission. This is one of the most stringent authorities in the online gambling industry and once you choose a casino that holds a license from this commission, you can be sure that you will not be scammed. You simply need to check the different licenses that the casino holds and you are good to go. Continue to read to see other authorities that you can give a try aside from the UKGC.

Malta Gaming Authority

Another top authority that you should consider when you want to join an online casino is the Malta Gaming Authority. This is a universal casino licensing authority that offers licenses to casinos all over the world and more. In that case, if you are playing at a country where there is no proper online casino licensing authority, you can be on the lookout for casinos that hold a license from the Malta Gaming Authority. Once you can choose this casino, you will not have any issue playing and if there is any problem, you can simply file a report to the authority. If that happens, the casino risks losing their license or getting suspended depending on their offence and the law.

Other Licensing Authorities

Aside from the top two that we have selected, there are licensing authorities that you can trust to be stringent enough to weed out the terrible online casinos. In many cases, casinos hold a host of licenses from different authorities and with that, you can be sure the casino would not do anything to lose their license. Some of these top licensing authorities include the Sweden Gaming Commission, Gibraltar Gambling Authority, Isle of Man, and Alderney, to name a few. You just need to make sure that the casino you join has a license from any of these commissions and licensing authorities and you are good to go. After that, you can go on to create an account at the casino.

Summary and Conclusion

To join any of the online casinos with the best licensing authorities is quite easy and straightforward and easy. The first thing that you need to do is to first check to see if you have all the details ready before you go to the casino site. Once you are at the casino site, then proceed to locate and click the Join Now or any other button that represents creating an account. After that, enter your correct details and you are good to go but since most o these licensing authorities make KYC compulsory, you will need to verify your account. You can simply go on ahead to talk to the casino's customer service to find out more about their KYC process.