Best Memory Foam Mattress Reviews

best memory foam mattress reviews

As a child, you must have enjoyed a deep, sound, and rejuvenating sleep without any kind of pain, disturbance, or stress. Now, as an adult, you can experience the same relaxing sleep on a memory foam mattress. Such kind of a mattress is certainly facilitating people of all sizes to sleep pressure- and pain-free as well as comfortably. Regardless of the sleeping disturbance cause such as musculoskeletal disorder or stress, a memory foam mattress can be extremely helpful improving your sleeping experience in such a way that you are bound to get up rejuvenated the next day.

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Traditional Visco-elastic Memory Foam Mattresses

These mattresses, filled with petroleum ingredients, are popular for their precise spine alignment and molding to body contouring.  They are also highly durable mattresses. However, their recovery time to rebounding is slow enough to trigger sinking sensation that makes it difficult to change the sleeping positions. Furthermore, they are infamous for retaining heat for hot sleep as well as releasing toxic smell (off-gassing odor). Nevertheless, a few modern ones come with least odor rate. Some highly durable models in this category are:

LUCID 10 Inch CertiPUR-US Certified: Two layers, 3lb density, least off-gassing

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch SureTemp: Two layers, 3lb density with airflow technology

Dynasty Mattress Luxury Grand 15-Inch: 3 layers, 5lb density

Signature Sleep 12-Inch: Two layers, 9 ILD

Memory Foam Solutions 10 Inch Visco Elastic: Two layers, 4lb density

Plant-Based Memory Foam Mattresses

These mattresses replace all petroleum or synthetic ingredients with plant-based ones for alleviating off gassing rate and offering cooler sleeping experience than the traditional memory foam mattresses.  Most of them have maximum plant based materials, which means they retain some petroleum ingredients. Plant-based mattresses also have a fast recovery rate due to which responding to the change in position is faster. Some highly eco-friendly models in this category are:

Amerisleep Liberty 12 Inches: Two layers, 4.5 lbs

Best Price Mattress 12-Inches: Four layers, Cool foam technology

LUCID 14 Inch Plush (Bamboo Charcoal): Four layers

Sleep Master 8-Inch Pressure Relief: Three layers, 3 lbs

Gel Memory Foam Mattresses

These mattresses have either gel beads or gel in their memory foam layers. They are exclusively made to make you sleep cooler. However, a few do retain some heat. All gel mattresses have a moderate recovery rate that is more than the traditional ones along with a moderate off-gassing rate that is less than the traditional ones. Some famous gel models in this category are:

With Gel Beads

DynastyMattress Grand Atlantis HD GEL: 6 layers, 3lb and 4lb

Serta 10-Inch Gel-Memory Foam: 3 layers, ActivAir Flow Technology

LUCID 12 Inch Gel Memory Foam: 3 layers, 4lb


Brentwood 11-Inch Gel Memory Foam: 3 layers

DreamFoam Ultimate Dreams 13-Inch Gel Memory Foam: 3 layers, 5lb

Sleep Innovations 12-Inch Gel Swirl Memory Foam: 3 layers

Getting Interested in Memory Foam: Through the Distinct Fact and Origin

The problem with several traditional mattresses is that none of them fits well to the shape and curve of your body. In fact, most of them are quite stiff and resist the body curves, while the remaining are too soft and trigger a hammock like sleeping situation. Such stiffness or softness usually generate pressure in different body parts due to which most of us wake up with a sore, stiff, or painful back in the morning.  However, this is something that a memory foam mattress overcomes completely.

The distinct but custom molding abilities of memory foam facilitate your sleeping surface to conform to the shape of your body, thus, generating a cradling effect. The material of memory foam molds to any sleeper’s body in a way that delivers pressure relief as well as support, wherever required. This is the most distinct fact that has been responsible in triggering interest in several individuals who simply need sound and relieved sleep every night.

Did you know this fact was known to the world through the NASA? Yes, that is quite surprising! In the 1970’s, the Research Center of NASA sponsored a development project for developing a substance to lighten the body of astronauts facing implausible G-forces during lift-off. This resulted in the creation of new foam bearing the visco-elastic properties to conform to the body’s shape quite flexibly as well as regain its normal shape after the pressure is released from the foam. This foam results in even distribution of body weight or pressure across the entire foam’s surface as well as quick adaption to any body movement.

Visco elastic foam tends to soften when exposed to heat but is firm enough to give the desired support to any part of the body. Although initially developed for the space industry, the memory foam is now used for therapeutic purposes due to its unique feel and comfort. There is simply no other material that alleviates pressure and provides comfort as memory foam. Those who have tried memory foam often swear by better sleep, less turning, no motion disturbance, and reduced or no pain problems.

Memory Foam: The Making and Grading

The material called memory foam is created using synthetic polyurethane foam to which a few chemicals are added for increasing the foam’s density of weight. These chemicals can be such that non-toxic foam is created with visco-elastic properties. Therefore, memory foam is a kind of visco-elastic polyurethane made to provide several advantages to the user.

The material is made using circular cells that are highly responsive to pressure points as well as temperature of the body, facilitating the mattress to adjust its shape as per the body of the sleeper and offer support to the needed body areas. If the cell structure is open, there is sufficient air circulation throughout the mattress.

Several features exist of memory foam, which aids in determining the ideal type of memory foam to choose. Yes, there are types of memory foam, each with varying features for catering to the needs of different customers. To understand the differences in features, it is vital to comprehend the grading of each memory foam material. Let us check that out now!

For a substance to be visco-elastic, it should not only conform but should also rebound to its normal shape quickly. It also needs to be temperature sensitive. Keeping this in mind, memory foam is graded as per its visco elastic nature and long lasting ability with the help of the following:

  • Weight: Refers to density per square foot and is measured usually in pounds. It is determined by the quantity of chemicals present in the polyurethane foam. As a rule of thumb, the more the quantity is, the greater is the density and the more visco-elastic the foam is. Anything about 3lb is considered as medium density, while 5lbs and above marks high density.
  • Indentation Load Deflection (ILD): Refers to a rating that indicates how soft or hard the foam is. As a rule of thumb, the more the ILD is, the firmer is the foam. Expressed in percentage, the calculation of ILD is made by measuring the pressure or number of pounds needed for accomplishing 25% compression of memory foam of 4 inches thick through an indentation of 50 square inches. For instance, you might see 20lb in product specification, which means 20 lbs of pressure was exercised for indenting this foam via 25% compression. The lower the ILD for the mattress’ top layer, the lesser are the pressure points. Nevertheless, a top layer that is too soft or thick without adequate support underneath might be problematic for those having low back pain. Therefore, the modern memory foam mattresses come with multiple layers with the top one being supple enough to dispel pressure points and the lower layers being firming up slowly. Usually, the final layer is meant for highly resilient support.
  • Resilience: Refers to the springiness that is known by the percentage of rebound. The higher the rate of resiliency, the more durable is the material with the compression forces. Nevertheless, in case of visco-elastic foam, better reduction of force comes due to less resilience. This is because of less rebound pressure against the body force sinking down. Therefore, a high quality mattress features a high resilient layer at its base above which the layers of memory foam exist for reduced pressure points and extra support.

Memory Foam Mattresses: Ideal Candidates

Being made up of countless visco-elastic cells, memory foam mattresses respond quickly to body weight and temperature. This means when you lie down, your body warmth causes these cells to mold to its shape and evenly distribute the weight, which personally cushions your body. This can make you feel warm and cozy. Therefore, all those who love warmth can find this mattress quite useful. If your sleeping experience gets too hot, you can choose a cooler option such as gel memory foam mattress.

Memory foam is also ideal for joint pain sufferers. Because the body weight is absorbed, the mattress removes pressure from the joints without compromising with the full body support. Therefore, it is ideal for those looking for comfort despite suffering from backache, rheumatism, arthritis, or general pain. However, it is vital to keep in mind that the shape molding ability might make it difficult to get out in case of impaired mobility.

Similarly, if you have an allergy of dust mites, you will definitely prefer a memory foam mattress to a conventional mattress making you fall sick. Usually, dust mites tend to thrive, excrete, and reproduce in the conventional structure’s inner cavities and coils. In case of a memory foam mattress, no cavities exist between the cells to accumulate dust mites or other allergens.

Memory Foam Mattress: Which is the Best

In order to reply to this query, one needs to have a customized viewpoint. In simple terms, one needs to think according to their needs and requirements, and then choose the most matching or suitable one. This means that there is no single memory foam mattress in the market.

Each one of us has different sleeping requirements such as cool surface, best therapeutic effect for a particular medical disorder, longer lasting, lightweight, and price. This means that a particular memory foam mattress that seems to be ideal for your colleague, relative, or friend might not be necessarily the best for you. We all have unique requirements, at least up to some extent if not completely!

Therefore, the best memory foam mattress is the one that meets all your needs, is available under your budget, and provides what you wish such as ease of use, durability, quality, and little or no smell (remember, chemicals exist inside to release gases). So, how do you know which mattress is the best for you? This is exactly what we aim to answer by making you do a quick analysis!

What We Do for You: Our Reason to Make Online Presence

As passionate reviewers, we are dedicated to review only the most effective and durable memory foam mattresses in the market. This will enable our visitors or customers to go through different models at one place only. While we provide fair and factual reviews along with the features, pros, and cons, we recommend you to analyze our reviews and compare them with those of other equivalent options for selecting the best mattress.

Doing so involves mapping your preferences as well as needs to the unveiled features, pros, and cons. Then, the mattress that matches to optimally with your needs and preference is the best option for you. Here, you can do the mapping in the most efficient way, as reviews of different memory foam mattresses are put here to save your time as well as efforts in looking for reliable reviews!

How We Review: Our Criteria for Selecting a Memory Foam Mattress for Review

By describing the unique aspects of memory foam, we have taken our first step already to show why buy memory foam mattresses. Broadly, there are two major criteria defining how we select from bulk and review. While the first criterion is the unique features of memory foam, the second criterion is customer-oriented approach, thinking from the customer’s point of view when it comes to selection.

We understand that it is not that easy to select the most suitable memory foam mattress although it might seem so initially. Many of us are of the opinion that not much is to be known about these mattresses but this is simply not the reality. We have proved this by revealing the technical and personal aspects of memory foam above, something that not many people know. Moreover, a customer should be aware of different memory foam types along with their pros, cons, and features. This itself indicates that the market is full of diverse memory foam models produced by different brands.

For identifying the most suitable mattress from such a huge and varied collection, we firmly believe that a mere personal recommendation, whether in writing or in person, is not okay unless backed by authorized ratings or more number of positive reviews. This motivates us to choose those memory foam mattress having an overall rating of 4 and above and whose at least 50% customer reviews fall into 5-star category at Amazon.

Indisputably, Amazon is the most reliable as well as reputed shopping portal online whose genuineness cannot be questioned. Therefore, we all consider its customer reviews as legitimate. This inspires us to consider it as the scanning hub for searching branded memory foam mattresses with the overall rating of more than 4 as well as having maximum number of reviews.

The latter part is also our criterion for selecting the reliable memory foam mattresses that have over 30-50 reviews at least. This helps you to obtain a more exact as well as clearer picture of the mattress reviewed. However, for the newly introduced mattresses, you might find that the number of reviews is not more than 25 or 30.

Above all, we have not limited our scanning hub for selecting the memory foam mattresses to Amazon reviews and ratings. We have also considered a few more essential factors for our selection process applicable to all types of memory foams. Below are these criteria that help grab a memory foam mattress a recognized place in our category of reviews:

  • Size: Memory foam mattresses are available in different but standard bed sizes due to which you can narrow your search by selecting the right size fitting your existing bed frame. Most of us prefer a big and comfortable mattress that is within the budget.

  • Memory Foam Type: Traditional memory foam is most popular and has more varieties to choose from. However, if you get uncomfortably hot on it, a gel memory foam mattress is an ideal option. You can even choose an eco-friendly memory foam mattress infused with plant-based materials.

  • Density as per the Sleeping Position:A 3-pound density indicates that memory foam’s each cubic foot weighs 3 pounds. Currently, memory foam mattresses are available in 2 to 5 lbs density. Choose a mattress with high density for complete pressure relief. Further, if you sleep on one of your sides, a less dense mattress will change its shape to your shoulders and hips in a better way. However, for back and stomach sleepers, a denser memory foam is required.

  • Thickness for Support:Because memory foam mattresses are not that solid, you have to select the desired level of thickness. Due to supportive nature of memory, a sleeper tends to feel only the upper 3-4 inches of it. In case the density chosen is low, a thicker memory foam is required if you wish to sink more than normal. Otherwise, a high density and thickness ensure maximum durability. In case of gel memory foam, choose a thicker one if you need more cushioning.  For a more cradled experience, 4 inches or more thickness is recommended while 1-3 inches thickness is suggested for a firmer sleep surface. In general, the more the thickness of the top layer, the more is the cushioning.

  • Firmness: This is identifiable from the ILD specification. The more the ILD is, the more is the firmness. Recent studies recommend medium-firm memory foams for back or joint problems, opposing the traditional belief of having a very firm bed. Generally, the memory foam firmness can make you feel different as per the layer thickness and foam type. Temperature sensitive foams tend to be firmer in winter and softer in summer if you compare them to temperature neutral foams. However, in case of former, the layers soften a bit over time. For the starters, we recommend avoiding a too firm or too soft mattress unless there is a medical requirement.

  • Layers: Usually, you will find these mattresses having at least two layers namely, the firmer support base and the upper memory foam layer. However, if hot sleeping is a problem, it is better to choose a model with three or more layers. Otherwise also, in case the comfort layers are thin, you might bottom out on the inside firmer core. The top layer thickness varies per model, which is directly proportional to the price. Usually, the upper layers need to be 2-4 inches thick for healthy sleep for those who are petite or sleep on back. However, for those who sleep at side or have heavy weight, thicker layers of 4 inches and above are recommended. In case you do not want impression issues, avoid models having poly foam in the top layer.

  • Temperature Control: Viscous or closed cell technology in memory foams retains more heat close to your body. This can bring up a hot sleeping surface. Therefore, the open cell technology with air channels has been introduced for dispersing heat while being compressed flat when you lie down.

  • Stabilization: This criterion measures the quantity of vibration transmitted throughout the mattress. The higher the stabilization rate, the more is the ease of changing the sleeping position.

  • Motion Transfer: This is almost nil in most mattresses, which means you can sleep at ease even if your partner keeps moving out and in throughout night.